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The revolution of magnetic materials in next generation power applications

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Today's power electronics applications demand smaller, lighter, and more efficient magnetic cores. CorePower Magnetics produces magnetic components with proprietary nanocrystalline magnetic cores through a scalable, in-line manufacturing processes. The patented materials and processes address three key challenges: thermal management, power density and efficiency. Our processes provide the ability to spatially engineer magnetic core properties to optimize performance across these dimensions.

Metal Tubes

Advanced Materials

We have developed a new class of metal amorphous nanocrystalline FeCo and FeNi alloys, capable of withstanding the most demanding processing and applications. The unique material properties of these alloys provide flexibility and control in engineering the magnetic core properties in our products.


Advanced Processes

Our in-line processes apply time-varying mechanical, magnetic or other applied fields to engineer for ultimate magnetic core performance. This process transforms amorphous metal ribbon into spatially tuned, high performance magnetic cores for power electronics components.



Carnegie Mellon University develops initial FeCo-based metal amorphous nanocomposite alloys


Strain-annealing line capabilities demonstrated in pilot-scale facility at Carnegie Mellon University to tune magnetic properties


Magnetic cores with spatially-tuned properties demonstrated in optimized configurations


Patent awarded for foundational technology, received Carnegie Science and R&D 100 award


Exclusive licensing of patent portfolio secured with Carnegie Mellon University


Exclusive licensing of patent portfolio secured with National Energy Technology Laboratory


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