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Get to Know CorePower Magnetics

Company Background

CorePower Magnetics was established in June 2020 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa.

What does CorePower do?

CorePower Magnetics designs and manufacturers magnetic components for power electronics and power conversion applications. Our proprietary technology enables components that are smaller, lighter and more efficient than traditional components.

Product and Service Offerings

CorePower Magnetics sells magnetic components, including transformers, inductors and motors.

CorePower also currently offers custom design services. Using customer requirements, we can optimize components to address priorities around size, weight and efficiency.

We do not sell our material as a standalone product. By combining materials with our proprietary processing and component designs, we can offer optimized solutions and unprecedented design flexibility for our customers.

Product Applications

Magnetic components are everywhere that electricity needs to be managed or converted. They all have the same high-level structure – a magnetic core at the middle with copper wiring around it that carries the electricity. Beyond this, each component functions very differently.

Motors and generators convert energy between electrical energy and mechanical energy, in applications like electric vehicles.

Transformers are required to adjust current and voltage levels, which is critical when taking electricity from the grid and using it in most applications.

Inductors are the unsung heroes of the electrical world, filtering and temporarily storing energy. You normally won’t see a standalone inductor – EV components like on-board chargers, converters, and inverters all may contain inductors.

Technology History

The technology was developed at Carnegie Mellon University and National Energy Technology Lab. Prior to company formation, the technology development was supported through multiple government programs, including through ARPA-E. CorePower’s technology coverage extends from alloy compositions though the design of finished components.

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