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Kevin Byerly & Paul Ohodnicki Receive Best Paper Award

We are proud to announce that Kevin Byerly, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer, and Paul Ohodnicki, Chief Technology Officer, of CorePower Magnetics, along with several other co-authors, have received the award for best paper from the 2022 Industry Applications Society (IAS) Power Electronics Device and Component Committee (PEDCC). The paper, titled “Permeability Engineered Soft Magnetics for Power Dense Energy Conversion” was presented at last year’s IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo (ECCE), the foremost IEEE conference in the field of electrical and electromechanical energy conversion. Paul Ohodnicki will be present to accept the award at this year’s ECCE conference, occurring October 9th-13th in Detroit, Michigan.

The paper outlines the team’s work with a new class of #nanocrystalline alloys in which the permeability can be directly engineered, thus eliminating the gapping step when manufacturing a core. This new ability to tune and spatially vary the permeability of a core material enables CorePower Magnetics’ components to be more compact and reduces the need for complex thermal management. Congratulations to Kevin and the rest of the team!

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